Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Craft Hope Project 12 – Bracelets for Russian Orphans

I’m so behind on posting that I’m playing catch-up with my projects, charity, gifts, and “stuff”!!  That’s what I get for being lazy!!!!!!!

The following pictures are my contribution to
Craft Hope’s Project 12 back in April and May 2011.  The project is over, but Jade seems to think that we may be doing something similar in the future for another orphanage, etc.

Click this link to see the project info.  http://www.crafthope.com/2011/04/project-12-orphan-outreach/

DSC03571 (Medium) DSC03573 (Medium) DSC03581 (Medium) DSC03590 resized DSC03612 (Medium) DSC03615 (Medium)

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the final bracelet count.
January 2012 Sig

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