Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On this day, God and the Angels want you to know…

... that God will get you through the pain. Everyone experiences pain sometimes, emotional and physical. Next time it threatens to overwhelm you, take a deep breath. As you breathe slowly, picture God holding you, crying with you, giving you the strength to get through.

There are times when life can be overwhelming;
We don't know why we are feeling certain feelings;
We think there's something wrong with us;
We just can't seem to figure it all out;
Take a deep breath and know;
It's ok not to have all the answers;
There is nothing wrong with you;
The answers will present themselves when the time is right;
For now, Just Be Where You Are!
Relax and enjoy this life you have been given;
Quit trying to figure it all out;
Confusion can cause us to miss out on so much of life's joys;
It's not about knowing all the answers;
It's about taking chances , stepping out beyond the known;
And trusting this process called life;
Do what's in front of you and let God do the rest!!
        ~  Wendy Box,

January 2012 Sig

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