Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Believe in Yourself

On those days when I am feeling much less than every one else;
When things aren't turning out like I planned;
When what others say and think , seem to matter more than it should;
When my dreams seem to be far out of sight;
I will step aside and start my day over;
I will take a deep breath and release the negative thoughts of clutter;
I will stand up and tell myself , I matter just the same;
I will refuse to put myself through unnecessary pain;
Knowing that I too matter;
No, I will not give others permission to live in my head;
No I will not be held back any longer;
Today I will believe in me instead!!!
      ~ Wendy Box – Wings of Encouragement,

Believe in Yourself 
I love Wendy’s Facebook page and Website.  She offers wonderful affirmations and inspiration for daily living.

Hope everyone has a GREAT evening!January 2012 Sig

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