Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn's Song

Autumns Song
The cooler weather I feel with the windows open
Enjoying the breeze, the different colored leaves
Fall is finally here
Pumpkin patches every where
Decorated with goblins and spooks
I hear the crackling of the turning leaves
As the Autumn breeze whispers through the trees
Clouds move though the sky covering the brilliant sunshine
Filling the air with a crisp chill on my face
Watching each leave fall into place
Hearing the roars of laughter outside
As kids run and play
Talking and making plans for another day
Soon it's dusk and time to come inside
One by one they say good-bye
Before calling it a night
Autumn's song recalls memories of way back when
Cutting and carving just the right pumpkin
Raking and piling leaves ever so high
Looking like they almost reach the sky
Then running and diving in squealing with delight
Gathering around the bales of hay
Building a bonfire to warm the night at the end of the day
Sleeping with the windows open wide
Enjoying the coolness of the night
Hide and seek, trick or treat
Seeing the empty cornfields
Scarecrows standing all alone
Harvest time, come and gone
Winter soon to come along
Knowing these days of fall won't be around long
Enjoying the evening breezes of Autumn's song
©Robert Small


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