Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday 5 for July 8: Rock Star Treatment

Hi Everyone!  I was looking for a new meme to play along with and found this one. Hope you enjoy and want to follow along too. Here are their instructions on how to play along.
Click on their logo above and it will lead you to their webpage. Copy and paste the questions posted for that Friday to your blog or web space, then answer the questions there. See mine as an example.  Then, go back to the Friday 5 website and leave a comment with a link to your blog so they will know where to check out your responses.

Friday 5 for July 8: Rock Star Treatment:

  1. What instructions do you have for your chauffeur this weekend? “Make sure the window between me and you is completely blacked out!”  hehe  :)
  2. What instructions do you have for your personal chef this weekend? “Use real butter on my blueberry pancakes, please!”
  3. What instructions do you have for your errand-boy (or errand-girl) this weekend? “Grocery shopping and pick me up a fresh bouquet of flowers.”  :)
  4. What instructions do you have for your maid this weekend? “Scrub down the kitchen counters, sink, and floor. Then clean the fridge out and sanitize it.  Thanks!”
  5. You don’t have a personal handyman, so I’m lending you mine. What three tasks would you like him to tackle this weekend? “Spread the mulch, clean out the garage and power wash the concrete. Then make me a margarita and join me in the tub!”  LOL!  (just kidding - geesh!)summer_nobackground copy

    Have a great weekend everyone!

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