Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WOE – Spinning in Circles?

Sometimes I find myself spinning in circles;
Trying to figure out where it is I belong;
Feeling as if I am all alone;
Searching for my special purpose, that special gift;
Ya know, the one everyone keeps talking about;
But I seem to be opening the wrong door;
What am I really here for?
As the thoughts begin to take over;
I remember , it's ok to be in this place;
I am not stuck, I am growing;
I breathe in deeply, as a smile comes over my face;
Yes, it's ok to be exactly where I am;
As I look around me;
I begin to feel free;
I don't have to have all the answers at this very moment;
The answers will appear at just the right time;
I just keep moving forward;
Absorbing positivity into my mind.
No I will not give up;
For I am on my way to the top;
No I will never stop!! ~~~~~~Wendy

When you feel as though you can't find the answers and you just feel like your going around in circles; know that you are right where you should be. I know this one is hard. I can remember being told this quite often, ( and still am for that matter) but it took where I was to get to where I am; and yes I still find myself going around in those circles, but I choose to believe that by persevering and moving forward, no matter what; soon I will be exactly where I want to be and By "Staying in the moment", things don't look so overwhelming. Take in all that you can from the Universe and your God. Breathe in the energy of positivity, let go of the negative. Do what you can and on those days that you just can't seem to do so much, that is ok too; everyone needs a break from it all , every now and then. In the midst of it all, know that you are unique and that you matter to many; that you make this Universe complete and are here for a purpose. I know those are powerful words and sometimes we don't feel them, but we were all wonderfully created, with a purpose in store for each of us. I am still searching for mine, while I do what it is that I love, and leave the rest to God; He will lead me where I need to go! Trust the process, my friends!"  ~~~~~~Wendy
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I love Wendy and her wonderfully inspirational messages!

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