Monday, June 1, 2009

The Simple Woman’s Daybook

For Monday, June 1, 2009 
Outside my window... The sky is getting more ominous and there are dark clouds developing.  A storm is brewing.
I am thinking... that tonight I am going to go to bed early again.  It’s so nice to be back on a “normal” schedule.  By the way, did I mention that I’m jobless as of last Friday?  That is… I’m not doing any medical transcription right now.  I did get some project work from my dad and Connie (his wife) to keep a few bucks coming in.  I’m going to be working on the businesses store website.  Nothing I haven’t done before, so it should get straightened out in a few weeks (hopefully). The inventory is a bit of a mess right now, but that’s really no one’s fault. I’m going to focus on it and get it tweaked to how she wants it.
I am thankful for... Kelly.  She is a great friend and I’m thankful for her support when things aren’t always going too great and especially when we can laugh so hard about silly stuff!
From the kitchen... I haven’t been doing much in the way of baking or trying new dinner recipes.  It’s summer! The grill is working great all I care about!
I am wearing... Shorts and an exercise sport top.
I am creating... See my post from yesterday. :-)
I am going... To go to Ollie’s flea market tomorrow with Mom (I think).  It depends on whether she feels like going. If not, then sometime this weekend.
I am reading... The latest Oriental Trading catalog with stuff for scrapbooking.  There’s only one thing I would like to buy – thank goodness.
I am hoping... That I have a great summer!  I feel I deserve it!
I am hearing... The robins chirping.  I think their getting their last peep-fest in for the evening.  :-)
Around the house... One panel of the curtains I was working on over the weekend still need to be hemmed (hand sewn).
One of my favorite things... Freedom of speech.  (As Maxine would say, “Everyone’s entitled to MY opinion.)
A few plans for the rest of the week:  Curtain hemming, flea market shopping, and power wash the neighbor’s patio.  She hasn’t had it done in years and it really needs it.  Maybe she will eventually sit back there and enjoy her yard if I clean it up.
Here is picture thought I am sharing... This spoke to me and I felt I needed to share it! Thanks Isaac!


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Nancy said...

I like looking at the Oriental Trading catalog, too. They have some wonderful bargains.

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