Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not Usually This Negative, But........

Today is my 44th birthday and the day pretty much sucks.

(Not looking for attention. I just needed a way to express myself w/o hurting anyone's feelings.)

I'm making my own birthday cake because no one thought of it.
I only received 4 phone calls from friends and family today (it's already 7:40 pm).
I only received one birthday card in the mail from friends.
I did receive an e-card that was beautiful.
No phone call from Michael. Shit-head.
No gifts.
No flowers.
Work never even sent me an email to say happy b-day.
The phone calls that I did get..... well, every one of them pretty much went on and on about how they were doing and how miserable they were and how miserable things were for them, BUT, not one of them asked ME how I'M doing, feeling, etc.

You can't tell me that it hasn't been a sucky day! Good thing tomorrow is a new day - and NOT my birthday anymore.

I'll post a picture of the cake I made for myself either later tonight or tomorrow morning. It's my favorite!
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Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! (I wish I had known.)

I can relate to your experience, as I have had the same thing happen.

On the bright side: you can make YOUR favorite cake, you can purchase YOUR favorite flower, you can do the things YOU want to do. It's YOUR day: make it memorable.

Bri Schaaf said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
I hope your cake turned out really well! Enjoy EVERY Bite of it!
Good news is...there are 365 days until the next one to fill in with happy stuff!
Sending lots of birthday wishes your way, and a little Angel dust!

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