Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Birthday Cake

Hi Everyone! Sorry for being such a downer yesterday. I'm rallying today and by the end of the week, April 7th will be a distant memory! ;-}

Here is the cake I made myself. It's sooooo yummy!!

2 small Strawberry Jello
2 small Pistachio Instant Pudding
One bag of frozen strawberries (thawed and drained) or fresh if you have time
1 to 1-1/2 small containers of Cool Whip
One Angel Food Cake (or plain white cake if you prefer)

Break up the Angel Food Cake into pieces in the bottom of a glass dish, and sprinkle the strawberries around. Make Jello according to box directions, then pour over Angel Food Cake. Let set for approx 4 hours. Then make pudding according to box directions and then pour over the Jello, cake, and strawberries. Use spatula to smooth out. Let set for about an hour. Then spread Cool Whip on top.

NOTE: If using 1% or skim milk for the pudding, reduce the amount of milk by a couple of tablespoons or it will set too soft. There is no exact science to this.)

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Nancy said...

I don't have a favorite cake: I love them all. This one looks yummy

Mrs. Shields said...

well, to make you feel worse - i don't turn 44 until sept, so, HAHAHA, you are older than i am now LOL! the cake looks luscious! we don't really celebrate birthdays in our family in a big way, and, try as i might, i stink at remembering other people's - i am queen of the belated birthday card!

Bri Schaaf said...

Oh my goodnes...That looks so yummy! If I give you my address can you send me a piece..LOL

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