Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pictures of the Day

I just thought I would share a few cute pictures of Frankie taking over my laptop. I was laying in bed the other morning, playing on the laptop, and when I went to get something to drink, this is what I came back to.

DSC01364 (Small)

"Uh, Oh! Busted looking at naked doggies again."

DSC01363 (Small)

"But,but,but, but...... Mommy!" (whining)

DSC01367 (Small)

Bad doggy, bad!

februarysignature copy

By the way, the afghan that the computer is laying on top of is the afghan that my grandma Scott made me. I spoke about this on one of my Daybook posts. I know it doesn't match my purple stuff, but I don't care. It's soft and comfy!

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