Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Back in the Computer Chair (finally)!

Hi Everyone!

It seems like forever since I've had my butt in this computer chair. I finally have this computer, and two others, updated, upgraded, and working perfect. It feels good to dwindle down my To-Do List. Computers first..... Craft area next! Except, this blog needs attention, so that will have to be worked on immediately.  

***There are a few things I would like to catch you up on:

1.  Approximately a month-and-a-half ago, I met a nice guy. He makes me laugh and we have good chemistry. We'll see where it goes. We're both still unsure of it all.

2.  I haven't really been working for the last few weeks. I was recuperating and feel much better now. I also had a major computer meltdown and needed to get that worked out. I'm happy to have my main computer up and running as I use it for my job, medical transcriptions. I started back to work on Monday, supposedly, but there hasn't been any work for me to do. I'm feeling really a little let down because I was excited to start on Monday, but as the week progresses, my happy balloon is deflating. We'll see what happens over the rest of the week.

3.  I'm really happy about a mutual family decision. This year we decided to NOT exchange Christmas gifts anymore. I am so happy about that! I thought we lost the magic and spirit of Christmas a long time ago. I'm looking forward to this Thanksgiving and Christmas. My family is coming here and we are going to have a lot of good food and desserts, (which I love to bake.) I also want to start a new tradition. I would like for us to play games. I think we need to keep the television off and play a game that can involve everyone. If you have any suggestions as to what games to play, please leave me a comment! (We are all adults now, so there are no children to keep occupied while playing games.)

4.  It has been snowing for the past three days and it is so beautiful.... BUT.... I usually get sick of it the day after Christmas. The beauty of it turns black and sludgy, and the idea of the snow being crisp and clean goes away with every passing snowplow and salt truck.

Also, I have been working on cards and treat bags, but was not really able to post anything for you to see, so here are a few things I have worked on.

Enjoy! Have a great evening everyone!!


(Click on each image to preview) 

Thanksgiving Treat Bag     

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