Thursday, September 4, 2008

One of Those Daze!!

Yes... well... it seems as though I'm not impervious to having a colossal bad day.

I found out today that Michael is getting married in a few weeks. Naturally, I knew this was coming, but I kept stuffing it in the back of my mind, not wanting to let it materialize until there was some magic potion to help me deal with it. I'm not saying that I haven't moved on. I have. It's just difficult to accept that the person I love(d) didn't want me anymore and moved on to another woman. AND, that they are getting married... all within a two-year span. (Where is that magic potion damn it!!!!!)

While it was a difficult break up for me, I did gain many invaluable lessons, whether it was finding out how deep my soul could feel, surviving the loss of love and a dream, AND realizing how strong I actually am to have persevere through it all - to-date.

Am I bitter? Honestly, a little bit.
Do I still love him? Honestly, yes.
Am I going to cry myself to sleep tonight? Yes.

I better make this a good cry because this will have to last me a lifetime.
Does anyone know where that damn magic potion is???????????

ADDENDUM: If you are "unsure" of something that will affect your future, and the future of others (including children).....Don't Do It! Don't lie to yourself. You will be unhappy (again) very quickly!
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