Friday, September 5, 2008

MOVIN' ON....... and Lot's of Creativity!

Hi Everyone! While yesterday was an emotional and trying day/night for me.... I have balled it all up into a wad, shoved it through a straw and spit it out into the universe! Gone... Ga-bye.... Toodleroonie!!

Now..... onto things more uplifting!!

I haven't posted any pics of my paper crafts for quite a while. I have actually done a good amount of a communing with paper!!

First, I have been experimenting with different techniques and have really been enjoying getting my fingers dirty! I also have been concentrating on 4-pack card sets so I can sell them at craft shows that should be starting within a month or so. I just bought a bunch of Christmas stamps, paper, etc. I can't wait to start working some mojo!!

First: Monkeyin' Around:


4-Card Pack (4-1/4 x 5-1/2):

HTML clipboard

4-Pack Cards (3 x 3):

HTML clipboardAnother Card and Post-It-Note Keychain Gift Set:

THANKS for stopping by today! Have a great weekend!!!!!

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