Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Slideshow and Update on What I Did Summer and Fall 2009

Hi everyone!  I’m Baaaack!  I had to take a break from the blog because I had too much going on around here this past summer (and fall.)

I would like to share a slideshow of a what I accomplished with the new driveway, new landscaping, remodeled kitchen, remodeled foyer, and remodeled laundry room.  Like I said….. Busy, busy, busy!!

I’m so proud of everything. The only thing I didn’t actually do myself was put in the new driveway and lay the new laminate floor throughout the foyer, kitchen, and laundry.  Everything else I accomplished with little to no help from others.  Although…. there was one person that was a huge help with electrical issues (and miscellaneous.)  This house was wired so strangely, but he is so smart and patient that he figured it out. Thanks Thad!!!

Projects are starting to wind down – only a few more – and I’m glad because I’m pooped out!! 

If you’re wondering where I learned how to do this stuff, the answer is….. from watching my brothers and dad when they did remodeling…. and tried to use common sense.

I hope you like the new driveway, new landscaping and three-room home remodel.

FINAL AFTER PICTURES COMING SOON!! I want to finish the little things before I take any pics.

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