Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Hi Everyone! How’s your weekend going?  It was such a beautiful day today.  I got a few more projects done today and it feels good to check them off the list. 

The major project for today was to refinish and modernize the light fixture outside our front door.  Normal people would just go and buy a new one, but I didn’t think we needed to spend the money when I knew I could update the look with a few simple changes.

First I used a wire brush on the metal, then wiped down all the parts and sprayed a fresh coat of paint.  Then I cut two pieces of Plexiglass to replace the ugly yellow glass that was in there originally.  I reassembled everything and viola!  An updated light fixture.

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By the way, I found a website with a lot of good information about roses.  If you grow roses, click here to check it out.  I noticed that one of my rose bushes has holes in some of the leaves and I wanted to find out exactly what the bug is so I can stop it now before it does any real damage.

Oh…. remember the other day I said I was going to that Ollie’s flea market?  Well, I didn’t go because I had to do some work on the website project.  Anyhow, I was wrong… it’s not a flea market.  It’s a bargain outlet.  Hopefully we’re going tomorrow.  I’ll let you know if it really is a bargain outlet or a rip off.

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Mrs. Shields said...

you are my DIY goddess! you have inspired me to look at so many things around the house from a "what can i do" perspective as opposed to my normal "let's go to home depot and get a new one" perspective LOL. hey - did you get my emails about the website to the new place i am working??? hope things are doing great for you and frankie!!

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