Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on Grandma

Well, maybe a picture will explain it all.

grandma-sick (Medium)

This is a pic of grandma a few minutes ago.  The bubble above her head should read, "I feel like shit and you want to take my picture why?"
I'm sooooo glad that she is home. I don't like when she goes into the hospital for ANYTHING because at her age, she could easily get an infection or pneumonia from just laying around, and not return home, ever again. 

I want to thank everyone so very much for your prayers and well wishes. It is really working!!  She is breathing so much better and the oxygen is off and she only needs breathing treatments a few times a day, along with many other usual medical measures.  I've been with her every moment since she got home from the hospital this morning (8:00 am) and have been such a nag! Drink more water grandma.  Eat this grandma, you need your strength back.  She loved the egg salad I made her for lunch! Do you know that she has never eaten egg salad in her life? She never liked mayonnaise and I was able to slip it by her this time.  I didn't fess up that I tricked her because I want her to enjoy the little things in life, w/o restrictions anymore.  For goodness sake, I think she has earned a few sugar treats and a little high-cholesterol foods once in a while!

Oh... you know what! I found out what a blessing Frankie has been throughout all this.  You know how a dog can warn people about their owner being ill or if something is medically wrong?  Well, Frankie does that with me.  He alerts my family as to when I'm having a panic attack or other issues (no need to go into that now.) Anyhow, he was awesome this morning! He heard grandma choking and started barking immediately.  He sleeps on my bed with me and I swear he flew off that bed so quick!  He is my little life saver! In more ways then one. (Remind me to tell you the story of how I got Frankie and how he saved MY life.)

Again, thank you so much for your prayers.  Bri ~ you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for such uplifting and soul-filling words. I am so thankful for the blog friends I have been making.  Just because we may never meet each other face to face, ever...... doesn't mean that it isn't possible to share a genuine friendship and support one another from afar.

Sincerely and Deeply Appreciative,

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Nancy said...

How wonderful that your grandmother is feeling better. I know she is in VERY capable and loving hands. God Bless.

Mrs. Shields said...

your grandmother is a beautiful lady with such a regal bearing, very much the Queen Mother! i am so grateful she is feeling better and back home, where the real healing is. my prayers are with you and your family for health and peace. i am sure that frankie is a terrific nurse's aide for you! have a great weekend - d

Bri Schaaf said...
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Bri Schaaf said...

This is such wonderful news! I am to thrilled to hear that she is home!

GO FRANKIE!! Animals can be such wonderful furry caregivers in our lives!! They can teach us so much!

Give that sweet lady lots of love today!

In the hard moments, don't forget to listen for Angel's wings, for I am sure you are surrounded by them! I hear them in the wind, in moments of peaceful sleep, in a childs giggle, and even in my puppies playful barking!

I wish you a blessed day!

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