Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friendship and the Ego

Hi Everyone! I want to share something strange that happened to me this week and you draw your own opinion from it.

I had been dating someone for just under two months. I was aware that he had "baggage", but decided to give him a chance. I was glad that I did because he has some good qualities and for the short period of time that I knew him, those qualities enriched my life. Eventually though, I realized that we were in two different places in life and that a romantic relationship was not going to work. I won't go into those details in this post, but maybe (if you want me to), I'll give you some insight on 'his' situations. Anyhow, I offered him friendship and the strangest thing happened...... he turned me down. He said that we "crossed a line" and that we could not be friends now.

I don't know about you, but who turns down the opportunity to have a friend? That's messed up!

I was willing to put myself on the line again by offering him friendship and his ego was such that he didn't want a friend. I've never had this happen to me before.

For the 43 years that I've been on this planet, human nature has shown me that it can get lonely. Whenever someone has made an overture of friendship to me, I soak it up like a thirsty sponge and say gratitude prayers that someone was kind enough to open themselves up and offered! I am truly blessed to have an amazing group of friends, male and female, that have either accepted my offer of friendship and vice versa.

I offered. He turned me down.

I know that this is his "issue" and not mine, but I can't help but feel sorrow for him.

There are no mistakes in life....................just Lessons to be learned.

~ Melisa

ETA: OMG! Read the Daily Om for today! How appropriate!!

Article on Ego:

The ego is the image we portray to the outside world which represents how we would like for others to see us. It is not who we are and is in fact created mostly by the culture that we are brought up in. It is fragile, sensitive and defensive. The ego is our defense mechanism, the wall that keeps others from seeing who we truly are. As a result it may prevent us from acting in accord with who we truly are. This keeps us from achieving what we truly want.

Living life to the fullest at times may require that we dismantle our ego. That we let down our defenses, that we open ourselves up for change, for failure, and for success. Building a successful life as someone else has defined it provides no true fulfillment, no true satisfaction. When we are in touch with and comfortable with our true selves, our need to display the ego subsides. Its a continual journey of personal growth and self discovery.

Ask yourself where your ego has held you back. Be conscious of the image you portray to others - is it what you want to portray deep down inside? If not, search your soul for truth, get to know who you are, become conscious and be willing to accept that your life may be much better if you simply allow yourself to be who you are.

Personal Growth and Development website

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