Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heal Your Past


To my dear friend who is really hurting today.

Heal Your Past

Open your heart to the universe.  Let it bring you love and comfort.
Let it bring you healing.  Let it take you back to your past long enough to heal,
so you can move forward into joy.

Universal love can bring something other than straightforward movement.  Sometimes it takes us backward into our past and leaves us there, long enough to heal.  An incident occurs, and we react strongly; our emotions are more intense than necessary for the present moment.  We may not notice.  We may think, This is now, this is how I'm feeling about what's happening today. But as we become more aware, some part of us says, I'm feeling something from yesterday too, something I wasn't safe enough to see and feel then.


Let yourself feel your past.  Then let yourself heal.

Take responsibility for your behaviors.  Let the emotions clear. 

Then you will see what the universe has done.

It has just created a healing scenario for you - a gentle trigger to the past,

a gentle step forward for your heart.

"Journey to the Heart"
Melody Beattie

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