Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Full Moon has Struck Again!

My girlfriend Kelly's mother hasn't been feeling well and was in the hospital .  They let her go home last week because she seemed to be doing better.  Unfortunately, I got a text message from Kelly yesterday afternoon that her mother had to go back into the hospital.  That's all the information I have for now.  It's hard when you can't do anything to help your friends when they are sad and upset, but I put some loving energy into a card for her.... just so she knows I'm here for her.  This is the time when I am soooo glad that I took up this hobby, because it seems so appropriate for me to make her a card from my heart (instead of a plain store-bought card.)

I don't have a brayer yet, and I still need to buy some SU! stamp pads, including their nature stamps, but I think I did pretty good with what I have. ( I just noticed that I have to recut the ribbon ends. I must have not used my ribbon scissors on it.)

DSC01132 (Medium)

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