Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"THE LETTER" - A reminder to us all to ask for help when things get tough!

While visiting someone's else blog, I came across their Wordle and thought I would give it a try. I typed in the text from a poem called "The Letter". I keep a copy of it on my bulletin board that is next to my computer. That way I am reminded to read it every so often and remember that at least somebody loves me. hahahahaha I'm not a religious person, but I am a very spiritual person. Anytime "words" can give inspiration, they should be cherished.

Oh ya~ I should have some pics of a card and some post-it note key chains to post soon. I worked on them over the weekend. But right now, I'm feeling a little - well - Raw. My nerves are shot and I'm going to take it easy today.

Enjoy "The Letter"! Feel free to make a copy of it!

Dear Friend,

How are you? I just had to send a note to tell you how much I care about you.

I saw you yesterday as you were talking with your friends. I waited all day hoping you would want to talk with me too. I gave you a sunset to close your day and a cool breeze to rest you – and I waited. You never came. It hurt me – but I still love you because I am your friend.

I saw you sleeping last night and longed to touch your brow, so I spilled moonlight upon your face. Again, I waited – wanting to rush down so we could talk. I have so many gifts for you! You awoke and rushed off to work. My tears were in the rain.

If you would only listen to me! I love you! I try to tell you in blue skies and in the quiet green grass. I whisper it in leaves on the trees and breathe it in colors of flowers, shout it to you in mountain streams, give the birds love songs to sing. I clothe you with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature scents. My love for you is deeper than the ocean, and bigger than the biggest need in your heart!

As me! Talk with me! Please don’t forget me. I have so much to share with you!

I won’t hassle you any further. It is YOUR decision. I have chosen you and I will wait.

I love you. Your friend ~


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